1. excentrics a dit: Hello! Beautiful visuals. Are you using openCV for the second latest posted video, or is it strictly quartz? Very nice outcome.. is it possible to take part of the code to do some experiments with it?

    first excuse me for my poor english.

     It uses what is called a lattice boltzmann methode for the liquid rendering.

    And it uses onpenCV for the blob detection.

    And I manage to make these to work whith quartz composer.

    It’s juste one plugin, and so far it works with leopard, snow leopard and lion.

    But the painful thing is to install openCV as a private frameWorks

    By the way, I love your website, are all the pictures have been taken by you ?

  2. une autre interaction avec une lampe de poche.

  3. Le halo jaune dans la video, c’est une petite lampe de poche, et ça pertube une grille selon la méthode de Boltzmann.